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Metal Restoration 

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step in doing an MR system is to properly clean the roof. The way we do that is to first apply a cleaner called rust off, then we use a pressure washer and 4,000 psi surface cleaner to make sure all dirt and debris is removed before applying primer. 

MR cleaning.jpeg

Step 3: Seams and screws

Next we we caulk all the screws. Then we apply a base coat, fabric, then a second layer of base coat to the seams and brush it to get the base coat to fully soak the fabric. Then let it cure. 

SEams MR.jpeg

Step 2: Priming

The second step is spraying primer to block rust to keep it from spreading and for adhesion to the base coat 

priming MR.jpeg

Step 4: Top Coat

The final step is applying an 85% reflective white top coat at 1.9 gallons per square to the roof .

top  coat mr.jpeg

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